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IC Cold Links: Larry Bird Discusses Potential Coaches, Cavs Win the Lottery

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The Cleveland Cavaliers have an opportunity to get two young prospects in the 2011 NBA Draft, as they landed the 1st and 4th picks of the draft.  I almost was happy for them for what LeBron James put them through this summer, but I quickly shrugged it off and realized they still have a long way to go!  

The mock drafts will start to pour out now that the slots are set.  The Indiana Pacers obviously were not involved in the lottery last night, but now that things are set in stone "draft experts" (or anyone willing to sit down and put a player to a team) will begin to put up mock drafts everywhere.

Larry Bird spoke about the coaching candidates and listed Frank Vogel as the obvious front runner.  However, Mike Wells brings up an interesting point, do the Pacers have such a good opportunity that Bird is trying to turn away interested candidates?  He surely is doing so by openly declaring Vogel as the front runner, but maybe there is method to his bluntness?

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