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Tyler Zeller Had A Better Day Than Most

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Think for a second about being Tyler Zeller on this random Tuesday in May.

Every day is a pretty good day right now for Zeller. He is rolling around Chapel Hill, North Carolina as a big man on campus, both literally and figuratively, enjoying the warm weather, knocking out some summer classes while preparing to help lead the Tar Heels back to the top of the heap in the upcoming NCAA hoops season.

Then word trickles in that Larry Bird, yes Larry Legend from French Lick, IN a small town less than 40 miles away from your home town of Washington, IN, had this to say in a press conference today.

"I don't think this is a very strong draft. I think there will be some players that do well in our league, but there's a lot of kids that didn't come out. I think I made the statement that I like Ty Zeller, he's going back to school. He didn't come out. Damn."

Zeller had to know he projected to be at least a mid-first round pick so I'm sure there's no regret hearing Bird's comments. Still, that's some great affirmation from one Southern Indiana player to another.