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Pacers' Scouting Department Stays On The Job With Bird, Morway

Lost in the news surrounding Larry Bird and David Morway returning to lead the Indiana Pacers front office moving forward was the fact that the scouting department led by Ryan Carr will stay on the job, as well.

As I mentioned last year, Larry Bird and David Morway deserve credit for revamping the scouting department over the past couple of years, putting the right pieces in place to analyze talent. That includes giving Carr the reigns while keeping Joe Ash involved looking at international talent. It also includes tapping into the anaylitical skills of Kevin Pelton for adittional advice and consult. All will remain on the job for the Pacers going forward, I confirmed today.

The results have already shown themselves but having that continuity  in the scouting department with such a strong knowledge of the current roster and available talent will be key to finding the right mix of talent this summer (or whenever the labor agreement allows).

National NBA reporters have taken notice of the Pacers efforts to improve their talent. Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports is among the elite NBA reporters writing these days. He doesn't sugar coat a thing and is always digging up news to report.

While digging around, Woj has taken note of the Pacers working find and assess talent. In an interview with JMV (audio link) a few weeks ago, Woj was quite complimentary of what the Pacers were doing behind the scenes.

"The front office in Indiana has taken some heat in player personnel and that there needs to be changes there, but I tell you what, you look at the group of young players that front office has put together and it stacks up. And they were always drafting in a very difficult spot, in that 10 to 16 spot where lots of mistake are made and they get Hansbrough out of there, they get Paul George out of that spot, obviously they get Danny Granger in that range. It's funny when I go out and go to events I always see the Pacers, you know at Portsmouth they have four or five guys down there combing that place for a sleeper and I see them at games scouting.

"It's funny, I always see too the organizations and guys who go home early and leave the gym early and whenever I'm there late, I always look around and see a Pacers guy somewhere. I think they've got a front office that really grinds it. They know they're not going to attract superstar free agents. That guy's not coming to Indiana, like a lot of other smaller mid-markets, and I think they know how they're going to accumlate talent there and I think they've done a real good job of it."

Larry Bird will address the media on Tuesday to discuss his return, although I have a feeling he'll answer more questions about whether or not Frank Vogel will return. Wojnaroski also made a strong case for keeping Vogel on the job.