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Bulls vs. Heat: Who Ya Got in the Eastern Conference Finals?

Must say, after the Indiana Pacers' tough first round series loss to the Chicago Bulls, I had about enough of that team. But now that the Bulls are playing the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals, I found myself fully supporting the Bulls and their effort to make the NBA Finals.

I have my reasons, but I was wondering how other Pacers fans feel about the matchup. Who ya got?

I've always considered the Bulls the "future" of the Eastern Conference, the team the Pacers had to start chasing now so they'd be positioned properly in the future. But the Heat...

The Heat are ready to win now and in the future. If they can put it together this year and snare a title, the whole league could be stuck in a South Beach state of mind for the next several years. The Heat are only going to get better. Plenty of talent will take less to jump on the ring chase and LeBron James and Dwyane Wadewill be there to take 'em on the tour.


So, while I enjoyed watching the Bulls all season, it remains tough to root for them to beat the Heat after that tough playoff series. Another frightening thought is that they kind of remind me of the first Brady/Belichick Super Bowl team for the New England Patriots. I admit I was rooting for them against the Rams (look yourself in the mirror, you were too) and look what that brought us. Double-ugh.

I guess Thibs could turn into a Belichick nightmare but I don't see Rose turning into a pretty-boy diva who is thoroughly insufferable on or off the court.

Nope, I'll stick with the Bulls. When it comes down to my main problem with rooting for the Bulls, it is the annoying fans who are everywhere. I'm sure for some of you that's enough, but I don't care about that army of pudgy dudes with lunch lady arms wearing Derrick Rose jerseys. Screw 'em.

Oh, and go Bulls.