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8.9: An Educated View On NBA Labor Issues And Impact On Pacers

Tim Donahue knows numbers and the NBA, so I was extremely excited this morning when I saw he took the time to dive into the CBA issues up for negotiation between the league and the NBA Players Association. As expected, he didn't disappoint. Tim posted two items today that you can boil down to two statements which impact the Indiana Pacers greatly, as well as the league in general.

First, he shares his general thoughts on the CBA, making the case for a hard salary cap while making a broader point that is irrefutable. That point being, whatever changes the NBA makes to their business model, they need to treat the league as one business instead of a collection of 30 individual businesses or franchises as it may be.

Secondly, zeroing in on the luxury tax, there is really no limit the league can raise the tax to which will help competitive balance. Heck, with TV money alone the Lakers and Knicks can cover any tax imposed on their desires to spend. So as it impacts the Pacers, the team will always struggle to be competitive simply spending up to the luxury tax threshold under the current system.

I much prefer reading and writing about basketball, but this is some great stuff from Tim on an important topic whose resolution will hopefully keep NBA basketball around in Indiana to enjoy for many more years.