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IC Cold Links: Pacers Increase Prices, Will People Come?

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The Indiana Pacers have increased their season ticket pricing by close to 9%.  As much as we would like to think so, it's actually not connected to the late-season success of these young Pacers.  The price increase was established very early on this year and it just so happened the Pacers made a playoff push and competed hard with the #1 seed Chicago Bulls.  Somewhere, someone had a huge sigh of relief after watching the end of the season playoff run.  This could only have helped, as the city has some momentum and hope attached to the off-season and into next.

So, the team has momentum going forward, the cap space is there (how much depending on new CBA), Larry Bird is back and a strong young core is in place.  Does this excite people enough to purchase season tickets next year at an increased rate compared to the last four years?  I completely understand the need to increase pricing, especially if Conseco is going to rank last, or near last, in attendance.  However, I am curious to see if the increase affects sales.  What do you guys think?? Obviously, the off-season will have a huge impact on next year, especially if we are able to add a couple solid pieces going forward.

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