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Larry Bird and David Morway to Remain with Pacers

After much deliberation, secret meetings, phone calls, unhappiness, and general uncertainty, Indiana Pacers owner Herb Simon opted to retain the services of Larry Bird as the President of Basketball Operations. The move came after a meeting in Los Angeles today between Bird and Simon to discuss the future of the team.

Being pleased with the success of the last season, Simon had to say about Bird, "I’m glad Larry is staying to help us continue in the positive direction we are going." Bird agreed, noting the last few months had been his most enjoyable since taking over the job. And who could blame him? The team is finally in a position to legitimately improve around a young core of quality players, making it difficult to step away from such a great opportunity as this.

Simon and Bird will also retain David Morway as the team’s general manager, and Bird, having cleared this hurdle, will turn his attentions to the coaching situation in the decision whether or not to retain Frank Vogel.