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Wojnarowski: Pacers Contact Spurs’ Lindsey About Front Office Job

Adrian Wojnarowski from Yahoo! Sports is reporting that the Indiana Pacers have contacted the San Antonio Spurs about talking to assistant general manager Dennis Lindsey about a front office job with the Pacers.

According to Woj, Pacers Sports and Entertainment president, Jim Morris reached out to the Spurs.

Jim Morris, who runs the organization’s business side, reached out to Spurs officials to talk to Lindsey, sources said. The call was received with trepidation, sources said, as Lindsey and the Spurs made clear there would be no conversations as long as Pacers president Larry Bird and GM David Morway still occupied their current jobs.

It is unclear whether the call was made with the blessing of Bird, or made discreetly on behalf of owner Herb Simon.

Lindsey's pedigree coming from a respected organization like the Spurs makes this a very intriguing story. It also means Herb Simon and the Pacers are taking a long-term look at the vital decisions they are considering in the short-term.

While it sounds like Larry Bird wants to remain and have a chance to finish re-shaping the team with the cap space and roster spots he carved out for this summer, it doesn't mean he will be willing to stay for several more years. Morris and Simon may be on the hunt for the next GM-in-waiting, a guy who will be put in place to take over from Larry Bird while still guiding the ship as the second-in-command for a couple of years.

Of course, maybe Bird and Simon are indeed at odds over his return and the hunt is on for an immediate successor.

Either way we learned a couple of things from this report. First, David Morway's future with the team appears tenuous if he was holding out for the top front office job. Second, Simon is not sitting idly by taking his sweet time on the critical issues facing the Pacers this summer.

The last point is great news while we wait for more news to emerge this offseason.