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IC Cold Links: Pacers Watch Round 2 As Big Decisions Loom

Should be a great round 2, starting today with the Miami HEAT against the Boston Celtics.  LeBron James should be a bit more into this series, as his contract and future are not in question (see last year).  The Indiana Pacers can learn a lot from this match up as it should be a very physical one.  They took great strides in their physicality, but continuing to learn and observe can never hurt.

As decisions loom in the front office for the Pacers, with Frank Vogel, Larry Bird and David Morway, even more questions are on the horizon regarding what next year's team looks like.  There have already been a lot of discussion on who is available and who might fit well with this young Pacers group.  I ran across an article regarding Greg Oden.  He points out his future is up to him (in terms of his contract, not his injuries).  Obviously, a huge risk for any team, but does the reward outweigh the risk for Oden?  I'm not necessarily referring to him coming to the Pacers (although, leave your comments on that scenario as well!), but I would like to see what you guys think on what would be a good contract from a team's perspective on someone like Greg Oden.  

After the jump, check out the few links of the day and enjoy the game today!