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Wells: Lance Stephenson Done Playing For The Year With Pacers

Lance Stephenson continues to confound with his disregard for common sense.

Apparently, the talented rookie's immaturity has put him at odds with the Pacers' decision-makers...again.

Stephenson sat around all season until his legal case involving the assault of his girlfriend last August was resolved before getting a chance to make his NBA debut. The Pacers ' would refute that story but the case dismissal and the debut were too close not to link. Regardless, you would think Stephenson would've been hyped to be in the mix and do whatever he could to take advantage of the opportunity.


After playing for a few games, Stephenson created a stir behind the scenes that led to his removal from the playing rotation. The Pacers started playing well again and made the playoffs which offered young Lance a chance to play in a couple of meaningless regular season games before the playoffs. Again, you would think Stephenson would be dialed in, ready to take advantage of the opportunity to play no matter how brief.

Well, according to Mike Wells, Stephenson has blown that opportunity by "violating teams rules" which will put him in a suit on the inactive list and force T.J. Ford into the emergency point guard role. It appears there are no legal issues involved, which makes this situation reek of some knuckleheaded behavior the Pacers couldn't let pass.