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IC Cold Links: Pacers Have Secured a Playoff Birth, so What Will the Three Last Games Look Like?

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The Indiana Pacers are saying all the right things. They are focused on building steam as they finish out there three last games before the playoffs. Coach Frank Vogel says they are not going to rest players, rather they will simply widen the rotation to limit some minutes of key players.

All the players agree that they can't coast through the last three games (which happen to be 3 playoff teams). So, ideally the Pacers finally get one against the Atlanta Hawks tonight, then take down the New York Knicks and finally take down the Orlando Orlando. However, which team will show up??....

We have seen the ups and downs of this Pacers team this year (understatement?). We all know potential is there; however, potential to completely lose focus is also there. I like their attitude heading into this last week and I think if they can win 2 of 3 it would be huge for their confidence. What do you guys think we can expect for the last three games heading into the playoffs?

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