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IC Cold Links: Pacers Look to Clinch Tonight with a Little Help From the Magic

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The Indiana Pacers have their first opportunity to officially clinch a playoff spot tonight as they face off against a hot Washington Wizards team.  The Charlotte Bobcats and the Orlando Magic face off tonight.  The Bobcats have been fighting injuries recently and are struggling to field an entire team.  Dwight Howard and the Magic are trying to do a little fine tuning going into the playoffs and will look to come out strong against the Bobcats.  If the Bobcats were to lose and the Pacers were able to take down the Wizards, the Pacers would clinch!

Obviously, this is a HUGE game!  However, it will not be an easy one (then again, the Pacers don't make many games "easy").  The Wizards have shown some life as of late, winning three straight.  John Wall and newcomer Jordan Crawford have been tearing it up recently and form tough matchup problems.  The Wizards are young, athletic, and have some confidence.  So, Danny Granger, Roy Hibbert, Darren Collison and company need to come out strong and not allow the young Wiz to get any confidence rolling early.  Hopefully the Pacers see the opportunity this game presents and take down the Wizards to earn a trip back to the playoffs (if the Bobcats lose)!

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