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IC Cold Links: Butler Can't Find Shot...Would Brad Stevens Leave for NBA?

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Butler had another great run this year, but could not find the basket at any point in the game last night. After showing they belong so many times against other opponents, they simply looked a little out of it last night. Their defense was strong for the most part, but their shot was missing and couldn't be found.

The Indiana Pacers will be making a lot decisions this summer, one being a coaching decision. Brad Stevens is adamant he enjoys being the head coach at Butler University and does sound as if he is staying. Personally, coming from Xavier University, another "step stool" program that loses coaches every five years or so, I would love to see Brad Stevens continue to turn the Butler basketball program into a perennial contender. However, if he decides to leave but has no interest in another NCAA position, would he consider jumping to the NBA? There are a lot of people wondering this same thing (I don't have specific links, because they are mainly blogs, comments, etc.). So, I figured I would pose the question to you guys...IF Brad Stevens wanted to sniff around the NBA waters, would this be someone you would like the Indiana Pacers to look into?? After the jump, check out the few links of the day, and let me know what your thoughts are...