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IC Cold Links: Pacers Take on Chris Paul and the New Orleans Hornets

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The Indiana Pacers will look to continue to build on their recent success and take on the New Orleans Hornets tonight.  Chris Paul and the Hornets have lost a couple in a row while the Pacers have won three in a row.  Look for the Hornets to try to get back on track as they fight to hold onto their playoff spot.

Darren Collison will want to show what he can do against his former team.  Look for him to continue his solid production as of late.  The Pacers need to focus on staying out of a big hole with this team since they may be in desperation mode trying to cling to their playoff spot.

Congrats to the Butler Bulldogs!  They fought hard and showed once again their continued success is no fluke.  They continue to display a great Indiana Basketball team and I am proud of Matt Howard, Shelvin Mack and company.  After the jump, check out the impact Mike Dunleavy has had or could potentially have on this team as they enter the final stretch of games...