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Press Conference Recap: Larry Bird and Frank Vogel

It's great to get an opportunity to hear some insight into the minds of the decision makers quickly after the season. We had a chance this morning, so here is a quick recap...

Coach Frank Vogel took the podium first.  I love to hear the optimism and patience radiating from Coach Vogel. Obviously, he would love to hear where his future stands with the Pacers sooner rather than later, but he remains confident and patient. He said he will allow the process to take place in order for the organization to complete it's analysis. He is very adamant regarding his community (Carmel) he lives in. He loves his neighborhood and the city in general and would love to raise his family here.  He is confident he has helped this team grow, but he was very humble in all of his answers. I am sure his time will come to sell his performance to the organization...

After the jump, check out what Larry Bird had to say about this year and the future...

Larry Bird seems very relaxed about the state of the Indiana Pacers and his future, with or without the Pacers.  The main theme in his answers was that Herb Simon was calling the shots. When asked about the time table of his future, what his actual future was, and what type of money the Pacers were going to spend this summer; his answer pointed towards Mr. Simon. He acknowledged the Pacers financial struggles over the past few years and knows that this will play into what type of money will be spent, but also realizes it takes money to put a contender together.

Regarding Frank Vogel's future:  As he has said in the past, Frank Vogel will get the first and last interview. However, he did say, without hesitation, that others will be interviewed. He had high praise for Vogel, but obviously wants to do all his due diligence to make sure he is the very best fit.

Regarding his own future:  Again, he put the time table in Herb Simon's hands. He said it would be ideal to know an answer today, but acknowledged it will take time and he will meet with Mr. Simon. One answer of interest was, Bird said if he liked what Simon had to say he would "probably be back." This is pretty vague, but may give an indication in terms of the way he would personally like things to unfold. He also mentions if Simon thinks a different voice is needed to head this team, he would want what is best for the organization.

Bird on Free Agents:  He doesn't give much indication on who will be back from the current free agent crop Pacers. He swiftly avoids really commenting too much on this.  He also doesn't mention too much of what is needed to fill holes, although we all know he wants another scorer and possibly another PF, among other things.  

Bird on draft:  He clearly says it would be in the best interest of the organization for him to step aside if he does not return for the draft process. However, he said that Mr. Simon wants him to stay. Whether that happens or not, who knows, but I would sure hope if he is stepping aside the new decision makers would have full control.

Good to hear some insight, but not too much details.  Bird, at one point, mentions a week or two as an ideal decision time, but he really just threw that out there.