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IC Cold Links: Bird Doesn't Sound Like He's Leaving The Pacers

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Larry Bird and Frank Vogel are scheduled to offer their season-ending thoughts on the Indiana Pacers this morning starting at 10:00AM. You can watch it live at

In the case of Bird, I'm sure most of the questions will be about the future as opposed to the past. In today's column by Bob Kravitz, Bird offers up some great quotes on several players and sure didn't sound like he was ready to walk away from them.

For straight chuckles, it doesn't get any better than this quote on Lance Stephenson.

"When he's playing, he's fine and has as much talent as anybody on this team," Bird said. "He's a long shot, but he's my ace in the hole. If we can get him to grow up, he knows how to play . . .

"I know he's a pain in the ass and the guys in the locker room get frustrated with him, but I'm not giving up on him. Unless he does something crazy."

What are the odds?

I remain confused by the whole stay through the draft line of reasoning and hope that is just a filler line until they resolve the issue of Bird staying, which it appears is at the top of the to do list, as it should be.

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