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IC Cold Links: Pacers' Backs Against the Wall Again, Will We Get Another Chance at Filling Conseco Fieldhouse?

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The Indiana Pacers have been in this situation a number of times this season.  Their backs are up against the wall as they face the Chicago Bulls in the United Center tonight.  Most believed this series would end Saturday, but Danny Granger and Roy Hibbert wanted to take another trip to Chicago.  They have proven they can fight away from the wall and create some space for themselves, so can they do it one more time?  

The United Center is an extremely loud place to play (as the Pacers had a difficult time communicating at the end of game 1), so this task appears even more daunting.  Maybe they Pacers are too young to know better and come out strong once again?  Maybe they are too young to fully focus on such a huge task and come out slow to start the game?  I believe they come out strong and prove, once again, this is a different team than before.  It would surprise me if this game did not come down to the wire once again.  So, who helps close out this game?  Defense and free throws locked up game 4 (and possibly a hobbled Derrick Rose?).... After the showing the Bulls fans had at Conseco on Saturday, all I can say is give us one more shot to fill the Fieldhouse, Pacers!    

After the jump, check out the links of the day, including Derrick Rose committing to playing tonight...should be a fun one tonight, as Tom mentioned Kilroy's is having a viewing part tonight so come join the fun if you are available!