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NBA Playbook: Use of Screens Cost Pacers On Last Two Plays

Sebastian Pruiti at NBA Playbook does a nice job of digging into the Indiana Pacers' last two critical possessions that came up empty, exposing the lack of execution in setting and/or setting up sreens to effectively produce an open look within the flow of the sets they were trying to run.

Screens are designed to get either the ball handler or a shooter away from the basketball open, but a strong ball screen does so much more than that. It puts pressure on the defense and forces them to make all of their rotations correctly. Weak screens (or screens that aren't set up correctly) lets the defense off of the hook, and that is exactly what happens on these two possessions. The Pacers poor looks were a direct result of the poor screens that they set.

As usual, Pruiti breaks down each segment of both plays with screen grabs and video to illustrate his points perfectly. Check it out.