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IC Cold Links: Pacers Welcome Bulls And Killer Clowns For Game 3

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Maybe Paul George should wear a fake red nose when he takes the court tonight to guard Derrick Rose.

Hey, anything to spook the MVP-in-waiting who has been carrying the Chicago Bulls to wins by killing the Indiana Pacers down the stretch in the first two games of their spirited playoff series.

See, Rose admitted his weaknesses recently in a short-answer Q & A letting us all know that he hates spiders and his greatest fear is killer clowns. I've heard a lot of buzz about some people planning to dress up as clowns or bring clown faces as signs. I'm begging the masses to make this happen.

If only Insane Clown Posse had made a decent song, the Fieldhouse could play it during Chicago's pre-game introductions. Maybe a distorted version of the classic circus them music would work. The playoffs are fun, so you might as well have fun with your opponent.

Also, congratulation to the Pacers media relations department led by David Benner, along with Krissy Myers and Tim Edwards, for winning the Professional Basketball Writers Association's Brian McIntyre Award in recognition of their cooperation with the media. 

After the jump, plenty of links with stories to get you hyped up for Game 3 tonight AT THE FIELDHOUSE!