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Pacers To Honor Trainers, Butler Basketball During Game 3

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The Indiana Pacers plan to recognize some local heroes from on and off the court as part of the festivities during Thursday night's Game 3 against the Chicago Bulls.

The "Hoosier Heroes" honor announced in the first half of home games is always a moving tribute worthy of a standing ovation for the heroic actions of local people with incredible stories. Well, tomorrow night the emotional level will reach heights worthy of the playoffs as Pacers trainer Josh Corbeil and assistant trainer Carl Eaton are recognized for their efforts to literally save Bobby "Slick" Leonard's life when he suffered a heart attack on the team bus in New York. Slick will be in the 'House to share in the honor, so you might want to pack a tissue, just in case.

Also, Brad Stevens and the Butler basketball team will be recognized for lighting the city up once again in March as they made their run to the NCAA Championship game.

Should be an exciting night at the Fieldhouse with a hostile crowd. Let's hope the game matches the enviornment.