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IC Cold Links: Paul George Puts in Extra Work, While AJ Price and TJ Ford Are Ready If Collison Can't Go

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Today's articles are all about preparation with one more day to go until tomorrow's game at Conseco Fieldhouse.  The Indiana Pacers will host their first playoff game in 5 years and they are prepping to make it a fun night.  Paul George wasn't satisfied with his offensive game on Monday, so when the team returned he immediately hit the gym.  I woke up to having George's tweet on my phone Tuesday morning...he was hitting the gym late!  I would love to see George with a breakout offensive game, but it makes me more excited to see he is willing to put in the effort.

Darren Collison seems to think he will be able to go for tomorrow's game.  However, T.J. Ford and A.J. Price are ready and willing if he were to not be healthy enough.  Collison will do whatever he can to get out here, but his strength (speed and quickness) would be limited quite a bit I would imagine.

After the jump, check out the links of the day as we all count down the hours to tomorrow's game at work today and's like watching water boil...