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IC Cold Links: Indiana Pacers Hold off the Milwaukee Bucks, and Create Separation from 9th and 10th Place

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The Indiana Pacers won't give us a break this year with many easy wins.  They either take control and build a big lead only to lose it and have to fight off the opponent (see last night), or they dig a deep hole and have to climb their way back.  Luckily, they have held onto their leads as of late (yes, I just knocked on wood).  Last night was no exception.  A solid, balanced scoring attack by Danny Granger, Darren Collison and everyone else who played created a lot of options when the Milwaukee Bucks were clawing their way back.

This was huge win last night!  The Pacers are now 2 full games ahead of the Charlotte Bobcats (plus they hold the tie-breaker) since they lost to the Orlando Magic, and they are 4 full games ahead of the Bucks (plus the tie breaker as well).  Two games will be tough to overcome for the Bobcats with only 5 games remaining; however, this Pacers team has proven you can't write anything in stone until it is completely set...

After the jump, check out the links of the day, including recap of last night's games from Milwaukee and Charlotte...