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IC Cold Links: Pacers, Bulls Just Part Of Spectacular Weekend For NBA Playoffs

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Has there ever been a better Round 1, Game 1 series of games in the NBA Playoffs than what we witnessed this past weekend?

Even if the games didn't have stellar finishes, the action was outstanding throughout the eight games, including a few fantastic finishes and a couple of upsets. While the Pacers came up short in crunch time with  their upset bid in Chicago, two underdogs completed the deed by making plays with the game in the balance.

The Memphis Grizzlies had a similar ending going to the Pacers when they gave up a 10-0 run to the 1-seed San Antonio Spurs in the final minutes, turning what was a six-point lead with less than three minutes to play into a four-point deficit with one minute to go.

But the Grizzlies made some plays at both ends to close out the game with Marc Gasol scoring inside and Shane Battier scoring outside, filling his team with belief by knocking down a huge 3-ball to give Memphis the lead back for good. 

Then in Los Angeles, the New Orleans Hornets put themselves in position to win late against the Lakers. Not only did they hold off Kobe Bryant and the Lakers, but Chris Paul took over at winning time. Paul scored 15 point in the final five minutes to not only hold off the Lakers but bury them to secure the win.

Let's just hope the Pacers can work themselves in position to win Game 2 tonight and if so, find inspiration from the playmakers yesterday to get it done this time. After the jump, plenty of links including highlights from the Pacers' practice yesterday.