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IC Cold Links: The Field is Narrowed, Pacers Get Some Attention as They Face The Bulls Tomorrow

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The Indiana Pacers officially start off their first playoff series tomorrow after a 5 year hiatus.  I can barely hold back my excitement for these guys and the city!  The field of NBA teams still playing has narrowed quite a bit, so the exposure has been great!

Mike Dunleavy is officially passing along his torch of non-playoff seasons, as he finally ends his drought.  It is great to have him back in the rotation after a long injury stint.  The Pacers seem very focused and keyed into how they can be successful against Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls.  One very interesting tidbit to read (for me, anyways) is who people think the "X-Factor" is in this series for the Pacers.  Roy Hibbert and Tyler Hansbrough seem to be pretty consistent in this category, but who do you guys think is the "X-Factor"?? I think Darren Collison can have the biggest impact (positively or negatively), and help the most since all runs through him.  If his assist numbers are up and he is averaging mid-teens in points, that means the Pacers are working the ball around and he is willing and able to get the the bucket....Collison is my X-Factor, who is yours?

There are plenty of previews from many perspectives, creating the longest list of links I have put together this season!  So, check out the links and enjoy the exposure for our Pacers!  Also, for anyone who is able, head downtown today and check out the pep rally at Circle Center Food Tom mentioned, do a write up if you attend and he will put something on the front page to pass along to other readers...