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IC Cold Links: Pacers Take On Magic, Final Tune-up Before Bulls

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The Indiana Pacers will take on the Orlando Magic today.  It's hard to know exactly what kind of playing time we will see form Dwight Howard, Jameer Neslon and company, but it should be a great opportunity for the two teams to fine tune a few things and get the reserves some run while the starters get some rest.

As discussed yesterday, Danny Granger made a few comments regarding him rather playing the Chicago Bulls than the Boston Celtics in the first round of the playoffs.  Bob Kravitz wrote a piece on this very topic today, wondering if Granger can back up his talk.  I honestly think this was simply Granger answering a question of who he would rather face first, rather than him trying to stir something up or get in the Bulls' heads.  I could be way off, but it seems to come off that way. 

After the jump, check out the links of the day.  The playoffs are almost here!  Only a couple more days until the Indiana Pacers are back in playoffs after a 5 year absence...