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ABA Committee A Step In The Right Direction For Basketball Hall of Fame

Lost in all of the noise (at least by me) surrounding the news that Reggie Miller was not included among the list of Hall of Fame candidates this year, was the news the the Hall of Fame expanded their election committees to include American Basketball Association (ABA) and Early African-American Pioneers of the Game committees.

The two new committees joined the North American, Women's, International and Veteran's committees to select candidates for enshrinement into the Hall. The ABA committee will select one inductee to include in each class going forward, beginning this year with Artis Gilmore. I'm not complaining, but wasn't the ABA in North America? Why haven't they been able to justly consider ABA players in the past? This will never make sense.

Also, it's a nice start, but one per year? Thinking about Slick Leonard's recent health problems, how about fast-tracking some of the old timers so they can enjoy the honor without having to wait 8 to 10 years. Regardless, this remains great news for those great ABA championship teams the Indiana Pacers fielded. Roger Brown, George McGinnis and Mel Daniels in no particular order should join Slick on the new ABA committee's topics to discuss.

Hopefully, there's no Red Auerbach influence on this new committee and they slide Slick to the top of the list.