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IC Cold Links: Pacers Need To Forget Loss To Knicks, Prep For Playoffs To Start In Chicago On Saturday

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I figured I'd get an early edition of the links up before catching the red eye back to Indiana. Fortunately, I was also able to catch the Pacers loss to the Knicks. Yes, despite the loss, I was fortunate to watch on NBA TV since the game was highly entertaining until closing time, of course, when Carmelo Anthonyfinished off the Pacers the way Charl Schwartzel finished off the field at the Masters.

Poof...that win went away in a hurry. The only cause for concern is with the confidence level of Darren Collison and Danny Granger. They came into the game playing some great basketball with plenty of swagger to go along with it. The fact they were essentially shut down at winning time should put a dent in that confidence. I just hope it doesn't send them into a tail spin.

That's a mild concern, though since they have several days before their first playoff game. In fact, it appears that the Pacers will open up the playoffs in Chicago on Saturday. The NBA will likely wait until all of the seeds are set in stone before releasing the full playoff schedule, but since Chicago and Indiana are locked into their positions, plans are in the works. Usually the NBA playoff series will start with either a Saturday or Sunday game, but since the United Center will be busy with a Blackhawks playoff game on Sunday, that leaves Saturday open for the Bulls and the playoffs.


After the jump, a few links of interest from the loss last night. As I mentioned, this is the early edition so feel free to add links in the comments as always.