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Game Thread #64: Indiana Pacers at Minnesota Timberwolves

27-36 15-50
March 9, 2011 - 8:00PM EST
Target Center
Radio: 93.1FM WIBC TV: Fox Sports Indiana
Probable starters:
Darren Collison PG Luke Ridnour
Brandon Rush SG Wesley Johnson
Danny Granger SF Michael Beasley
Josh McRoberts PF Kevin Love
Roy Hibbert C Darko Milicic

The Indiana Pacers are back in action tonight against the Minnesota Timberwolves, as Kevin Love will try to break Moses Malone's consecutive double-double streak.

Love's knee is giving him some problems but assuming he plays, the young Minny forward will look to lock up his 52nd consecutive double-double. The Pacers will try to lock up their first consecutive win in their last five games. Nothing comes easy for the Pacers today, so don't expect a win to be easy tonight despite the Wolves 15-50 record.

A few weeks ago, Minnesota was controlling the action in the Fieldhouse until A.J. Price and Dahntay Jones sparked a comeback win. If you remember, Jones scored 19 points in the fourth quarter as Minny crumbled down the stretch. The Pacers certainly can't rely on an outburst like that to save them tonight. Instead it would be nice to see a strong start from the Pacers to keep them out of the chase mode they've been playing in for the past four games.

Here is the preview.

For a Minnesota perspective, check out Canis Hoopus.

Leave your thoughts and observations on the game in the comments.