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IC Cold Links: Pacers looking for answers as they come back home

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I picked a good game to miss, I suppose.  Unfortunately, or rather fortunately, I was unable to watch the game last night.  From the sound of things my stress level would have been highly elevated.  Jeff Foster and Dahntay Jones both expressed their concerns during the timeouts, but it wasn't enough as the Pacers showed little fight.

As the Pacers have struggled the past week or two, my first thought that runs through my head is "If they are going to struggle, I'm glad they are struggling with Paul George, Lance Stephenson, Roy Hibbert and all the other young guys."  However, they have shown what they are capable of, so what has caused the lack of focus and fight from this team?  The Pacers, even through all that has happened, are still solidly holding onto the 8th spot.  The Charlotte Bobcats and the Pacers are both really fighting for the 9th spot.

Hopefully, the return home will be exactly what this young Pacers team needs as they face the Philadelphia 76ers on Tuesday.  After the jump, check out the links of the day...