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IC Cold Links: Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook take down the Indiana Pacers

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Well, last night's game was a tough one to watch.  I think the whole game was summed up when the ball was heading out of bounds and Danny Granger let it hit him when he was out of bounds because he was complaining to the ref.  The Oklahoma City Thunder dominated all game, but the worst part was they were dominating even when Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant were out.  The 2nd unit continued it's dominance while quickly running up and down the court while scoring and creating turnovers with ease.

One positive I think we can take away from this game is the playing time it allowed Lance Stephenson.  He may be exactly what the Pacers are looking for.  He is willing to take it to the rim, and actually looked like he was capable on most attempts.  He still has a looong way to go, but having another guy who can create and is willing to have the ball in his hands will be nice to have.  I had trouble watching him play defense, as he seems to be stuck on the heels of his feet while trying to guard quicker guards.  It almost looks like he has gum stuck on his shoe and it gets stuck to the floor sometimes.

After the jump, check out the links of the day.  Also, what do you guys think of Stephenson's limited play so far?