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IC Cold Links: Butler Final Four Run Gives Pacers Cover For Latest Losses

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How about those Butler Bulldogs?

This is a question I've been hearing a lot lately, in fact a few times already this morning.  This is a bit of a change for me since anyone remotely interested basketball would normally be asking me: What's going on with the Pacers?

I imagine my anecdotal evidence is playing out all around town today. While the Pacers played their way to two horrible losses over the weekend that put their playoff hopes in serious jeopardy, only the die-hard among us noticed thanks to Butler's astonishing weekend which landed them a return trip to the Final Four in Houston.

A hearty congratulations to Butler for putting it all together and energizing the city once again with Final Four fever. The Pacers should salute the Bulldogs at tonight's game against the Boston Celtics, as well, not only offering their congratulations but a big thank you for providing a diversion while the Pacers quickly wasted a three-game lead in the playoff race which could be gone completely at the end of the night if Charlotte can win their third-straight game by beating Milwaukee.

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