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IC Cold Links: Pacers Intend to Make Things Exciting for the Final Playoff Spot as They Lose Their Second Straight

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Ouch...The Indiana Pacers lose their second straight game last night against an opponent that, record-wise, they should have beaten.  It was another poor outing from a body language perspective...I hate to pick on him, but Danny Granger's body language and effort just seemed non-existent.  I know he isn't the long-term answer as our franchise leader (at least, he hasn't shown that on a consistent basis yet), but right now people play off of his effort.  It wasn't there last night, and it was contagious.  Roy Hibbert, Darren Collison, A.J. Price and just about everyone else could not buy a bucket.

Mike Wells (see article below) discusses the Pacers ability to play with anybody, but their tendency to play down (or up) to the level of their opponents, as seen against the Sacramento Kings and Detroit Pistons.  To really take the next step (and to make the playoffs), this team will have to mature and understand they are not talented enough to play down to anyone's level.  They will have to play more consistent basketball to be taken seriously.  With that being said, they still hold the 8th spot and really have a 2 game lead over the Bobcats (as they hold the tie-breaker).  So, they are still in good position and the post season is in their hands....right now....

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