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IC Cold Links: Pacers Take on the Kings As They Continue to Their Playoff Run

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The Indiana Pacers will look to the Sacramento Kings to continue their winning ways.  The Kings beat the Milwaukee Bucks earlier this week, so after thanking them the Pacers will look to knock off another lesser opponent.  The Charlotte Bobcats will play the Boston Celtics and the Bucks will take on the New York Knicks, so nothing is coming easy for the two teams looking to take over the 8th seeded Pacers.

I hope Coach Frank Vogel had Danny Granger, Roy Hibbert, Tyler Hansbrough, Darren Collison and company watch the Butler Bulldogs last night.  Watching them, you just see some good ole' hoosier "smash mouth" basketball.  If Coach Vogel is looking for inspiration for the final playoff push, then look no further than this underdog Bulldogs team.  Great win last night as Coach Brad Stevens advances his team to the Elite 8 again.  The Pacers should take the underdog role and run with it just as Butler has.

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