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IC Cold Links: Plenty Of Work Left For Pacers' Playoff Push; T.J. Ford Still Making Plays

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Don't exhale, just keep making plays.

The Indiana Pacers control their own playoff destiny after great night last night that saw them open up a 3-game cushion in the standings over Charlotte and Milwaukee. That's what scares me.

This team doesn't handle comfortable very well. Sometimes it feels like it is all or nothing with this crew, but they've now worked themselves into a position where the long playoff drought can end. They just have to keep playing. Hopefully Danny Granger can continue bringing his big offensive game which makes the Pacers dangerous when Tyler Hansbrough is contributing his 20-point games, as well. Keep grinding through the finish and the Knicks are definitely in play, but regardless just keep grinding through the finish and the playoffs will take care of themselves.

Speaking of making plays, the Pacers made plenty of big plays in the third quarter last night. And it wasn't just Granger, Hansbrough and Brandon Rush. Even though T.J. Ford isn't travelling with the team, instead spending time at home in Houston when the Pacers are on the road, he made a big play late in the third quarter as well.

While the Pacers were pulling away in Charlotte, Ford tweeted about his big play at home, playing the role of a backyard Bear Grylls and taking down a snake. The timing was absolutely hilarious, even including a picture, because the Pacers were taking care of business at the same time. Yet another reason why you have to love the NBA.

After the jump, a few links of interest including Josh McRoberts checking in at #5 on the plays of the day with his one-handed jam.