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IC Cold Links: Pacers Look to Take Down the Bobcats Tonight, Pad Their Playoff Race Lead

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The Indiana Pacers will try to continue their winning ways tonight against Stephen Jackson and the Charlotte Bobcats.  The Pacers already have the tie-break with the Bobcats but a win could give them even more wiggle room for the final playoff spot.

The Pacers need to get off to a good start and kill any hope the Bobcats have of a win.  They did a great job last week starting off strong, but struggled Monday against the Derron Williams-less New Jersey Nets.  No need to put yourself in a hole and have to fight your way back (easier said than done with this team).

After the jump, check out the links of the day including the possibility of Chris Mullin joining forces with Donnie Walsh in Indiana next year....this is only speculation in this article......