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IC Cold Links: Pacers Find Their Groove in the 2nd Half and Take Down the Deron-less Nets

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This game was exactly what this entire season has been for the Indiana Pacers.  In the first half, the players had no energy and seemed to have a very lackadaisical attitude towards playing, and it showed with a 4 point deficit to a lesser New Jersey Nets team.  However, the team that has beaten the Los Angeles Lakers, the Miami HEAT, the Chicago Bulls and other top teams showed up in the second half.  Roy Hibbert had his first 20-point game since the all-star break and Darren Collison continued to show he is capable of dishing it out.

The Pacers now have a solid 2 game lead over the Milwaukee Bucks and Charlotte Bobcats.  It looks like Stephen Jackson will at least attempt to get out on the court tomorrow when the Bobcats face off against the Pacers.  After the jump, check out the links of the day including Coach Frank Vogel getting on his players when they aren't playing up to par...