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Memphis Grizlies 99, Indiana Pacers 78: Grizz Punk Pacers From Start To Finish

The Indiana Pacers won the opening tip against the Memphis Grizzlies and from there it was all down hill for the Pacers.

Danny Granger coughed up one of his ten turnovers on that first possession and soon enough the Pacers were down 17-2, a deficit they would never fully recover from, eventually losing, 99-78.

Admittedly, I didn't watch this game in real-time. Instead I was at a friend's surprise birthday party. There was a large contingent of Butler fans watching this insantity. Congrats to the Bulldogs for squeezing out more drama from the NCAA tournament. It never seems to end.

So I zipped through a tape of the game since I didn't really need to watch it. I've seen this game too many times to count. All I need to know is that the Pacers had 20 turnovers and jacked up 26 3-balls. That's a surefire recipe for a loss with this crew who arrived in Memphis hoping to fulfil the high hopes of their coach.

After hitting rock bottom after brutal losses at Minnesota and Toronto, Frank Vogel looked at the daunting schedule facing his team (@NYK, NYK, @BOS, CHI, @MEM) and told them with a straight face (his words) that they would go 4-1 over this stretch. It was right there for the taking tonight but the Pacers never came close.

The only constant from the highs and lows of the past two weeks has been Tyler Hansbrough, at least from an effort-to-production ratio. Last night Danny Granger played an excellent game against Chicago, facilitating, passing up open looks to feed teammates, hitting a big three when they needed most. But tonight, he had nothing in the tank to take on the adversity his team was facing. These are the nights when Granger needs to rise up and join Hansbrough, or better yet set the tone to put a stop to the horrid play.

Instead it was a night of frustration which always seems to get the best of Granger. Late in the game, he turned his ire on O.J. Mayo, tossing the ball at him and creating a late-game kerfuffle.

No notes from me tonight, although I would like to know how Jeff Foster ended the game a +17, so if you watched the game, please share you notes of interest in the comments.