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IC Cold Links: Danny Granger and the Pacers take down Anthony and Stoudemire for second time in 3 days

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What a game last night!  There were so many things that went right and clicked last night.  The Indiana Pacers got any lose ball, had a number of deflections and even a number of steals to continue pushing when the New York Knicks tried to seal the game late.  Danny Granger stepped up huge after being out with strep throat.  Darren Collison and Roy Hibbert both had monster games as well, Roy has really excelled in defending the rim recently.

These three guys did have great games, but I think a part of them having great games was the focus Amare Stoudemire and company had on Tyler Hansbrough.  Wow, he tearing it up recently!  I think with the recent success of Hansbrough will take a lot of pressure off everyone else on the court.  In turn, these guys will get more open shots and not feel like they will lose if they miss one shot.  Hansbrough has been an absolute beast the last couple weeks and I look forward to seeing how well he does going up against the two best teams in the east, Boston Celtics and Chicago Bulls.

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