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Slick Leonard In Good Condition After Heart Attack

Bobby "Slick" Leonard, the iconic radio analyst for the Indiana Pacers, suffered a heart attack shortly after broadcasting the Pacers' win last night at Madison Square Garden. The Pacers released this statement with an update on Slick's condition.

Bob Leonard, the Indiana Pacers’ radio analyst and former coach, suffered a heart attack after the Pacers’ game in New York Sunday night. He was taken to a New York hospital where he received two stents. His condition is good and he is expected to return to Indianapolis later this week.

Join all of us at Indy Cornrows in sharing your thoughts, prayers, good vibes and whatever other positive sentiments you can send to Slick for a full recovery from another health set back that has had him on and off the air this season. I'm assuming Slick will be off the air indefinitely for the rest of the season. While it would be fitting for Slick's last game to come on such a great effort by the Pacers against the Knicks in Madison Square Garden, I just can't imagine him not getting back on the mic for another game. Let's hope that's not the case.

Get well, Slick!