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IC Cold Links: Barbosa takes down the Pacers from the beginning to the final seconds, and Granger takes exception

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As highlighted in every review of the game, The Brazilian Blur, Leandro Barbosa, decided to take the ball to the rim in the final few seconds of the game.  Barbosa did this for a little revenge from Darren Collison's three late in an earlier Indiana Pacers' victory over the Toronto RaptorsDanny Granger took exception to this particular shot of Barbosa, but didn't to any of his other shots, unfortunately.

I am all for seeing the Pacers' captain, Granger, getting in someone's face after a game when an unnecessary shot is taken, he is protecting his team.  However, it didn't mean much to me or anyone else when earlier in the game Granger was stripped fairly easily and simply trotted down the court behind the ball and allowed an easy layup.  This was just one possession (and yes, there were others) that stuck in my head throughout the entire game.  When the captain of a very young team that is fighting for the final playoff spot takes possessions off, you are going to have a tough time convincing everyone to give it their all every time up and down the court.

After the jump, check out the links of the day, plus hear what I think Granger needs to do to get his team going again...

I couldn't help but wander what would happen to this team if you took the fight and aggressiveness of Tyler Hansbrough and put it in Granger.  Obviously, you can't completely change one's personality.  However, Granger needs to at the very least lead this team by example.  He needs to fight for every lose ball like it's the final few seconds, and he needs to sprint down to try to stop every easy bucket.  Granger is never going to be the outspoken, vocal leader that many desire.  However, if he is going to be a "lead by example" leader, he needs to start giving the young players an example to be lead by.  He kicked himself out of the scoring rut he has been in, but this team needs quiet as he wants it, they still need it....