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Tyler Hansbrough Works His Way Into Starting Lineup

Tom Ziller took a look at Tyler Hansbrough's season and compared his game and production to Ike Diogu. Now Pacer fans should know that comparison isn't as bad as it sounds. The comparison is to Diogu's game when he actually plays.

If you remember, Diogu was active in the low post, looking to score at all times and if he played more consistent minutes would probably approach Hansbrough's current averages. He also rebounded at a similar rate to Hansbrough.

The problem I have with the comparison is that Hansbrough has shown improvement throughout the season. Forget the numbers, his ability to finish strong around the bucket has improved a ton. Where he used to start by trying to draw contact and then score, he now looks to dunk the ball initially and then try to finish through contact from there. He's also getting more consistent with the mid-range jumper.

His numbers have been more consistent of late, as well. As Bruno mentioned in his latest Caught in the Web, Hansbrough has averaged 21.3 points and 8.7 rebounds in the last three games and 15.8 points and 7.4 rebounds since the All-Star break.

I would still prefer to see him as a scoring utility front-court player off the bench, but with the current state of the Pacers' starting unit, Hansbrough deserves and give the Pacers another scoring option since Roy Hibbert is struggling so much.