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IC Cold Links: Can The Pacers Pull Out Of Current Free Fall?

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I watched every second of that game last night in utter disbelief. It went so far past bad basketball it was hard to fathom that these were paid professionals.

Like most games it started out as a drama, then shifted to a horror show before finally settling into a comedy.

What else can you do but laugh at some point? I mean, Dahntay Jones is posting up his man trying to get a simple post-entry pass from James Posey late in the game and twice, TWICE, the ball goes out of bounds untouched.

I got to the point where I was hoping the shooting percentage would remain at 25% just to further highlight the abject failure of the evening. And it would've happened if not for that meddling kid, Lance Stephenson (my kids watch a lot of Scooby Doo), who made all three of his shots toward the end of the game. Normally that's referred to as garbage time, but the landfill was already full.

I'm beginning to wonder if the Pacers have the mental and physical make up to wake up and end the losing free fall. No doubt the struggling Toronto Raptors will be excited to greet the Pacers on Friday.

Also, as I mentioned in the recap, Kevin Love'sdouble-double "record" comes with such a qualifier (since the ABA/NBA merger) that I'm wondering why it isn't referred to simply as a milestone. Seems like everyone in Minnesota that I've read agrees that the mark is more a milestone than a record. As pointed out by Ray Richardson, eight other players have had streaks of at least 50 or more in NBA history.

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