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IC Cold Links: Pacers struggle in 4th again and will look for solution tonight against the Bobcats

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LeBron James played some of his best basketball last night against the Indiana Pacers.  It took his strong performance to even keep the Miami HEAT in the game for the first three quarters.  However, James did keep them in and eventually led the way to pull out the W.

The Pacers had a solid all around game for the first three quarters.  The second unit of Dahntay Jones, Paul George and Tyler Hansbrough came up huge in the second quarter to really open it up.  This wasn't enough as the Pacers still need to figure out a way to pull out close games against the top teams. 

The Pacers will try to re-focus and will take on what could end up being a crucial game tonight against the Charlotte BobcatsStephen Jackson, Gerald Wallace and the Bobcats will be fighting the Indiana Pacers for the final playoff spot come the end of the regular season and this game will be crucial to give a tie-breaker to one team or the other.  I am expecting the Pacers to come out motivated, probably after watching a nice inspirational clip from Coach Vogel, and they won't even need to come from behind in the third quarter.  That's my guess...what do you guys think you will see tonight??

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