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IC Cold Links: Pacers Look Super, Bowl Over Nets For A Perfect Week

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The Indiana Pacers and interim coach Frank Vogel had a pretty good week.

A week that started last Monday with the Pacers in 10th place in the East, hoping to work their way back into the playoff mix ended yesterday afternoon with that initial task completed. A perfect 4-0 record and some fortuitous losses by Milwaukee, Charlotte and Philadelphia has the Pacers currently in eight place in the East and just one game behind the Sixers for the seventh spot.

Now the real fun begins.

Week two for the new look Pacers will be much more revealing. Forget the tall task of taking on the Miami Heat who will be motivated to avenge their loss to the Pacers earlier in the season. I'm more intrigued by the games this week against Charlotte and Milwaukee, the two teams the Pacers hurdled this week in the standings.

Charlotte has played better since their own coaching change, but have struggled with a tough schedule of late. The Pacers have beaten the Bobcats twice already, so there's no doubt the Pacers will see a motivated team on Wednesday night.

Milwaukee has also been struggling recently, dropping their last four games, but they have been a nightmare for the Pacers and playing in Milwaukee on Saturday night will be a huge test for the Pacers. How this team handles the Charlotte and Milwaukee games will give us a strong indication of how much they've grown as a team and whether they can sustain their level of play during key games on the schedule.

After the jump, a few links from the win yesterday.