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How Many More Wins Do The Pacers Need To Make The Playoffs?

On our way to the Fieldhouse yesterday morning, son #1 asked if the Indiana Pacers would make the playoffs this year.

I told him that was a great question and if the playoffs started today the Pacers would squeak in, but they need to win more games to stay in the post-season hunt.

So the obvious next question was: How many games do the Pacers need to win to make the playoffs?

At the time there were 25 games left, but after dumping the game yesterday that win total remains the same. My top-of-the-head, gut reaction was to tell him that the Pacers need to win at least 14 more games to make the playoffs. That would put the Pacers at 40-42, surely not good enough to move up a seed, but just enough to hold off the other flawed teams chasing the playoff berth in the Eastern Conference.

Of course, immediately after answering the question, I wondered how everyone else would answer. So I put it to you. How many of the 24 remaining games do the Pacers need to win to secure a spot in the playoffs?