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IC Cold Links: Suns Deep Frye Good Vibe For Pacers

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I had a great time at Conseco Fieldhouse yesterday with my boys right up until the last second of overtime when Channing Frye sent us home grumbling.

Considering at halftime it appeared the Indiana Pacers were headed toward getting handled at home by the Phoenix Suns, like they did on Friday against the Utah Jazz, it was nice to see Frank Vogel find something that worked and keep working it. Several players stepped up in the second half to dig out from under a 15-point deficit and put themselves in position to win the game.

But moral victories won't help morale any more. The Pacers can't dump these winnable games, especially at home, and expect anyone to keep believing the Vogel mantra that they expect to make the playoffs. And by anyone, I include the players.

Whatever boost in confidence and energy the Pacers absorbed from the coaching change has leveled back to ground zero. As has always been the case, the players still have to make the plays to get it done and with a chance to do that yesterday in regulation, it wasn't pretty.

The Pacers could only cash in on one of their final four possessions in regulation (Two Danny Granger free throws), which included a head-shaking shot clock violation and a 17-foot jumper from Jeff Foster. Regardless of how tough, gutty and blue-collar the effort was for the Pacers to get back in position to win, it's not enough at this point to come close. They have to win, otherwise they'll come close to making the playoffs...again.

After the jump, a few links from the loss yesterday.