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IC Cold Links: Pacers can't climb their way back and stay against a new-look Utah Jazz team

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The Pacers cut the lead of the Utah Jazz to 2 multiple times, and even took the lead for a short time in the 2nd half.  However, they couldn't quite pull it all the way together for the win last night.  Boy, it sure would have been nice to have had a second scorer down the stretch....(too soon?...just kidding).  Devin Harris, Paul Millsap and Al Jefferson had their way against the Pacers' point guards and bigs.  Under Coach Frank Vogel, Roy Hibbert, Josh McRoberts, Jeff Foster, Tyler Hansbrough and the rest of the Pacers have done a great job rebounding the ball, but last night Millsap and Jefferson got the offensive rebounds when it mattered most.

Not only did poor rebounding kill the Pacers, but they couldn't hit much most of the game.  The Pacers shot about 35% overall, but it seemed much worse at times.  As they hit the gym today to work out the kinks, they will refocus and look towards tomorrow's noon game against Steve Nash, Marcin Gortat, Grant Hill and the Phoenix Suns.  After the jump, check out the links of the day...