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Anybody Got The Time? Not Your Average NBA Trade Deadline For The Indiana Pacers

I think Larry Bird needs a new watch.

Only time will tell if the bungled trade deadline deal  will be a blessing in disguise, but it sure made for a wild afternoon. Thursdays are always busy for me since I go from the day job to basketball practice and then baseball practice back-to-back for son #1. Needless to say the iPhone and TweetDeck were humming out of control during hoops practice with all of the updates changing.

Josh McRoberts and a first rounder for O.J. Mayo? Cool, but that doesn't work, right?

Then we hear about New Orleans mucking things up with Brandon Rush involved, but no info on what else was involved. I assume those details will emerge at some point, but until they do it is impossible to consider the deal as described thus far. It's even more ridiculous to try to analyze it because it didn't happen so there's no way to see how it would play out.

I love Josh McRoberts and have been really impressed with how he's kept working and developing his game. I often chuckle to think that he's become the best player in that Rush/Bayless draft day trade we debated a couple of years ago. But O.J. Mayo is the same age and he can score. Assuming Rush would be gone, the wing rotation with Granger, Mayo and George would've been plenty fun to watch finish this season.

I fully understand the baggage the Mayo carries coming from a bad situation in Memphis, but the guy can ball. Would've been nice to have a guy who can create his own shot down the stretch of games to take the burden off of Danny Granger. The Pacers weren't the only team interested in adding Mayo, in fact the Chicago Bulls reportedly a few picks in a proposed deal.

There you go, I just speculated on how Mayo would've been of value to the Pacers after saying that was a useless exercise. The good thing is, this wasn't a Hail Mary, desperation deal that broke down. If the the whole deal (requiring a third party) wasn't to the Pacers' liking then it's a good thing it didn't go through. Again, I still don't know all of the moving pieces involved.

There was also obvious risk with Mayo considering some of the off-court issues he's had this year. But the Pacers need more talent and Mayo has talent. On the way home from baseball tonight, I told son #1 about the deal that fell through which included McRoberts and a pick for Mayo. His response was surprising and maybe even offers some astute analysis that indicates this bungled deal was a good thing.

Son #1 was excited, saying that he would miss McRoberts but that Mayo is a ball-hoggin' beast who has carried him to a lot of wins in NBA 2K11. Hmm, a ball-hoggin' beast is just what you need in 2K11. But for the Indiana Pacers? Maybe not.