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NBA Trade Deadline Open Thread: Will The Indiana Pacers Make A Move?

The NBA trade deadline officially hits today at 3:00PM local time, leaving precious few hours for the Indiana Pacers to make any deals which now appears less likely than ever for a few reasons.

Mike Dunleavy broke his thumb in Washington on Wednesday which would hamper any dealings for the wing player, although I think matching up a fair deal with his $11 million salary is a far bigger factor than the thumb. Also, the Pacers may be less inclined to move Brandon Rush with Dunleavy on the shelf because they need the wing depth now.

This line of thinking is crazy. Unless Dunleavy's injury is more severe than reported and requires surgery, he will return at some point and the left thumb injury is on his non-shooting hand which should help expedite his return. If there's a way to improve the team going forward by moving Rush now, forget about the next few weeks and make a deal. With Carl Landry out of the picture, though, there doesn't seem to be any other good trade scenarios for Rush on the radar.

Another issue is T.J. Ford and the fact he probably won't be moved today. A lot of point guards have already moved around the league so teams with those needs seem to be drying up. Mike Wells reports that the Pacers would be willing to buy out Ford if he can find a situation where a team would pay him to come in for the rest of the season. After seeing Darren Collison laid out on the floor after last night after a flagrant foul, and considering A.J. Price's injury history, it might not be wise to let T.J. go leaving the Pacers without an emergency point guard. No Lance Stephenson can't be the only backup point guard.

Finally, if the Utah Jazz are entertaining any offers for Paul Millsap, meaning they're intent on blowing things up completely and starting over, then the Pacers should swing for the fences with a first round pick and whatever else they need to make it work. I'll pass on Al Jefferson since he costs twice the price and requires too much attention.

Please use the comments to share your thoughts today on the Pacers' trade options or any other trades around the league as they come down, providing a link if possible.