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Mike Dunleavy Out With Broken Thumb, Lance Stephenson's Case Dismissed

The Indiana Pacers shared some pre-game news tonight that didn't involve the NBA trade deadline, although it may impact any potential news on that front as well.

Mike Dunleavy is on the shelf with a broken finger which I assume snuffs out any remaining chances of moving his expiring contract before tomorrow's deadline. Brandon Rush will start in his place tonight.

Also, Mike Wells tweets that Lance Stephenson's assault case in Brooklyn has been dismissed. A hearing on Stephenson's case was scheduled for Friday. Cleared of that legal albatross, Stephenson is active for tonight's game against Detroit.

The team has talked about wanting to get Stephenson into the mix but always found a convenient excuse which I assumed was done to cover for the fact that they wanted to make sure nothing unexpected happened with his case in New York. Now the team is free to let him see some limited minutes. After Rodney Stuckey bullied the Pacers in the paint last week, Stephenson might get a shot at him tonight if the same thing starts happening.

Regardless of how he plays on the court, though, Stephenson has a long way to go before anyone at the Fieldhouse can exhale and relax without worrying what tomorrow might bring with the young rookie. Hopefully he can build that trust with the team and fans which can only be done one day at a time. Welcome to day one.